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Designed for your museum visitors:
Tailor made app features

Features designed to give your museum visitors the best self-guided, concierge experience on and off-site.
Easily curate and create audio guided tours within your venue. Use audio, images and video to tell great stories and guide your visitors on their journey.
Give your visitors different ways to explore key highlights at the museum. Showcase must see point-of-interests and stories in categories and themes.
Cut printing costs. Guide your visitors with a beautiful interactive map that works seamlessly across different floors and zones. Finding amenities or discovering nearby POI is one tap away.
The museum app with a personlised schedule. Keep visitors up-to-date with workshops, talks and special events that’s about to start or is happening in the future.
Transforming the way visitors discover and explore. Show nearby content and stories to visitors - even when they're indoors.
For the planners, checklist makers and avid explorers. Visitors can build their own itinerary with Favourites, keep track of their visit with Seen Stops and manage Reminders for saved events.

Designed for you:
An all-in-one app content management system

The Beaconmaker CMS puts you in the driver’s seat with full access to a powerful platform to manage multiple apps, make instant changes, see live analytics and schedule push notifications.

Add distinct colours, images and content to create a consistent brand message throughout the app.
Schedule notifications with Geofencing and Bluetooth Low-energy beacons you install on-site. Welcome visitors when they arrive and thank them when they leave.
Screen and location based analytics for you to gather insights on popular locations and content interactions.
Stress-free media management for the whole team. Use Beaconmaker to import, upload and edit any media content you may have from different sources. Use the same files to create one or multiple apps.
Create multiple apps from the same content management system. Use it to author content in multiple languages.
Using Beaconmaker’s simple content management system, you can update tours, maps and content in your app anytime, anywhere. Your changes are live instantly, no need for a developer.

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